Steel Art

The MePa collection, created thanks to a combination of creativity, know-how and innovation, features large screens engraved with elegant motifs. These range from delicate abstract cascades to subtle geometric patterns or bold organic floral statements.

These fabulous metal space dividers provide any setting with a touch of charm. Their appeal lies in the subtle play between shadows and reflections, details and dimension. Luxurious and intricately engraved, these decorative panels are conceived by combining the art of processing steel with a taste for beauty and artistic research.

Employed as space dividers, steel curtains, wall decorations, privacy screens, interior partitions, metallic curtains mounted on rails, or claddings, they allow unique visual and tactile experiences.

From delicate floral designs to intrinsic contemporary patterns, this collection will instantly transform any space or room with its imaginative appeal. The perfect fit-out to be placed anywhere, MePas are available in standard modules or custom sizes.