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A Home That Feels Like A Holiday


The idea of going on vacation is always associated with anticipation, excitement and happiness. For those who enjoy the finer things in life, the choice of accommodation can sometimes be even more important than the destination itself. When the design brief asked for a cosy family getaway home that resembles the comfort and visual luxuries of a hotel suite, while catering to the individual needs of two adults and three children, the challenge was gamely accepted by designer Darrion Loo from Helen & Wood.

To recreate the roomy interiors of a plush hotel suite and maximise available space, the concept is to produce super flat surfaces with details on walls for the design aspect, and make use of flexible furniture pieces with dual functions to accommodate the needs of the family members. If you were to personify the house, one would describe it as a tall and slender lady with elegant charms. Most of the builtin ledges and standalone furniture are less than 30cm deep. Those that require support, such as the bespoke wine cabinet in the living area and the console table in the master bedroom, are supported by delicate legs and frames like a lady’s stilettos.

The effect created by the choice of furniture is an elongation of the ceiling height, making the rooms seem taller than they really are. To retain the uncluttered look of the home, LED downlights are used throughout the rooms. This creates additional space between the floor and ceiling and really opens up the house.

The only hanging lights are found in the dining area, but you can tell they have been carefully curated to fit the luxurious theme of the house.

The colour palette within the living area is inspired by the family’s favourite seaside beach resorts. The Accent Blue textured tv wall contrasts with the general sand coloured oak panels to exude a warm, natural & cosy interior. The luxe marble console and brass bamboo wall sconces further add luxury and elegance to the details.

The room for the eldest child is adorned with a floating study table and a convertible sofa bed. Hence, giving him full flexibility over usage of his personal space.

The smaller room uses cheerful yellow and turquoise for a refreshed look to fit 2 single beds for the younger siblings. Dual usage furniture designed to give flexibility, such as a trundle pull-out bed single mattress, and dresser cum writing desks with floating shelves to fulfil the functional needs of a teenage room are put to efficient use here.