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Building a Conducive Workstation Amidst Covid-19

 With the majority of us having to work remotely from our home due to the current pandemic, the last thing we would wish for would be an uncomfortable and disorganised working space. Crafted from high-quality oak wood, the Axel table provides both simplicity and functionality to its users. Apart from being able to match seamlessly with any designs, the desk is also built to incorporate smart connectors on the table which allows you to charge your electronics without having wires hanging precariously around the room.

“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us” -Winston Churchill

Having a desk optimised for working and studying purposes at home enables us to accommodate to our working habits better, thus boosting productivity. Imagine having to untangle your wires to charge your computer in the middle of a Zoom meeting! With the Axel desk, all your electronics and its charging accessories will be neatly organised on the table so that you can access them anytime.

Within 24 hours, we delivered a set of Axel desk to a residential area along Tomlinson Road. Set before a full-length floor-to-ceiling window, it allows the owner respite from work or studies to enjoy the scenic view.

The solid hardwood flooring also has a lighter undertone which contrasts with the darker oakwood-made Axel desk, creating a seamless blend of earthy tones that evokes a sense of nature in the living space.

 Another desk that had captured the hearts of our customers is the Celia desk. Symmetrical around the centre, the Celia desk is not your typical minimalist desk but one with character. Made of mango wood, it leaves no room for further questions regarding the durability of the desk to keep its lustre for the years to come. 

The Celia desk was also paid for and delivered within 24 hours to another customer to commence its use as a workstation.



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