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Cozy Balcony Furniture Ideas & Inspiration

A balcony is a wonderful place for relaxing or enjoying a cup of coffee while reading a book. In fact, it is high on the priority list of many homeowners during their search for a house. Others are simply happy to have this alfresco addition to their home regardless of size. To make the most of this space, try furnishing it with furniture that are not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Over the years, balcony furniture has evolved from a basic set of two chairs and a coffee table to something that embodies style and class. At Homes65, one can easily find a wide range of inspiring furniture to decorate your balcony with. Below are just some of the creative ideas you can find at the sprawling showroom located in Mohamed Sultan.

To create a simple yet chic balcony, the trick is to use colours that complement the background. For instance, in this picture, the neutral and earthy tones of the furniture make a perfect match with the wooden deck and surrounding greenery. This effortlessly evokes images of relaxing by the beach and gives a soothing visual effect.


Size of the furniture makes a crucial difference too. A spacious balcony can look crammed if it is filled with large pieces of furniture. On the contrary, a small space can appear more spacious than it really is if more dainty furniture is used.

Adding some imagination and creativity to your choice of furniture can have surprising results. Imagine this; you can even have your own piece of Jamaica just outside your modern living room by introducing tropical touches and refreshing colours to your balcony!

This is exactly the type of balcony a bookworm would love. Having a full height bookshelf on the balcony, how luxurious! While our local weather might not permit such a setting (visualise the sun and rain corroding your books and bookshelf!), you can simply turn it into a mural to replicate the café ambience and increase the artistic level of your home.

With space becoming more and more of a highly priced commodity, every inch of extra space helps. Here’s where the balcony can also act as an extension of your living space. In this picture, the dividing structure between the living room and balcony is removed. The same flooring is used and the entire open area enclosed in glass. The result is a fancy dining area with a million dollar view.

A standout from the rest of the home, the balcony is as characteristic and individualistic as rooms can get. It is a reflection of the homeowner, your inner thoughts and the emotions you wish to convey. You can be as daring, as experimental, or as whimsical as you can get. Just like this balcony, with a romantic swing chair to bring out the whole garden theme.


Feeling inspired? At Homes65, it’s our mission to complete your home. Visit us at our comfortable showroom for fascinating ideas to furnish your balcony and more!