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Dirt or Stains Threatening to Ruin Your Premium Furniture?

Most furniture generally require little to no care except for the occasional dusting or simple wiping with a damp cloth. But what should you do if you are suddenly faced with accidental spills or stains that threaten to ruin your premium furniture? Here’s a quick guide of simple solutions.


Blot the surface with a dry cloth or a piece of absorbent paper. Clean the stain with a slightly damp cloth that has been soaked in a solution of water and mild soap.

Rub with a soft eraser carefully and gently in order to avoid the loss of colour. DO NOT USE eraser sponge (magic sponge) as they are abrasive and will damage your leather furniture.

If it is a fresh spill, immediately blot the surface with a clean, dry cloth or an absorbent paper. Clean the stain with a slightly damp cloth. If it does not work, try using a mild soapy solution.

Never use stain remover, solvents, turpentine, shoe polish or other unsuitable products.
Leather is easy and undemanding where care is concerned, but does not take kindly to the use of aggressive products.


You should wipe the furniture regularly with a soft damp cloth. We trongly advise against using too much water! We recommend using our special care kit that is designed for use on artificial leather to maintain your furniture.


For fresh spills, quickly use a dry cloth or paper napkins to absorb the liquid. Do not press or rub as it will extend the spilled area and make cleaning more difficult.

Most watery stains can be removed with water and cloth. If it doesn’t work, use a non-abrasive sponge dipped in water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly with a clean sponge soaked in water, in order to completely remove the residues of dirt and soap from the fabric.

Similar to how you treat liquid spills. If oil stain remains, try an alcohol swab or dab hand sanitizer in moderation on the affected area.


Protect your wooden furniture with care by not placing hot, damp or sharp objects on them. If there’s spilled liquid, wipe off immediately before it penetrates the wood. To clean, use dry or slightly damp soft cloth. Do not let moisture remain and do not use any detergent.