Exclusive Japanese Crafted Teak Furniture

From Japan to the World’, Clantree is the master of world-class quality teakwood products designed to last for life. “Yo-no-Bi” or “beauty of practicality” means the true beauty found in everyday craftwork. It is more than just functional beauty. We believe “Yo-no-Bi” resides in truly easy-to-use products when we devote ourselves to producing them.

For 3 years, the members of CLANTREE visited tree farms and lumber factories in Laos time and again to develop a strong network and irreplaceable relationship with each other. As a next step, they are planning to build a stable system in which Laotian workers can constantly produce furniture at home. To do this, they have launched a project in which they teach furniture-making to young Laotian craftsmen inviting them to their factory in Saga, Japan.