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Home Furnishings Solutions

Looking for the perfect solutions for your curtain, grilles and furnishing needs? Our home furnishings partner handles all kind of soft and hard furnishings and can provide valuable guidance on both design and technical aspects. Be spoilt for choice with the wide array of options available.

Day & Night Curtains

Day & Night curtains can block out the sun’s heat creating a cooling environment.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds made from horizontal slats can be used instead of fabric curtains or shutters.

Indoor & Outdoor Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds with minimalistic design comes in different materials to suit different needs.

Korean Blinds

Korean Blinds combine both day and night blinds in one system to help reduce significant amounts of sunlight and heat entering the room.

Zip Systems

Zip Systems keep out rain, dust, heat and insects from semi-outdoor spaces while providing privacy, natural ventilation and UV protection.

Solar Film

Solar Film provides an immediate, cost effective and longlasting solution. Solar reflective film blocks up to 99% of UV rays, without reducing the amount of visible light.

Frosted Film

Frosted Film provides a pleasant and comforting environment as the translucent surface of the glass diffuses light uniformly, reducing the glare of light.

Aluminium Grille

Aluminium Grille is light weight and usually available as a sliding type. Its light weight allows the grille to slide smoothly and also never rust. The colours are long lasting and easy to maintain.

Invisible Grille

Invisible Grille is an advanced grille system that provides security for your family, especially children from falling over high places. It also prevents objects from falling off the balcony or window.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is a popular option among homeowners. A synthetic cousin of linoleum, vinyl flooring is water and stain resistant, versatile, and provides good durability for the cost.

Outdoor Decking

Outdoor decking provides additional space for leisure and entertainment. It can be applied to a balcony, patio or yard for rustic charm and practical use.


A trellis or pergola is a wonderful way to add an alfresco space in your garden or roof terrace that can provide shade and endless hours of outdoor fun with your family and friends. They are fitted with composite sheets which can help block UV rays and have a cooling effect.


A decorative platform may be placed in any space like the living room, a dining space or bedroom. This is a cool way to demarcate and highlight the area. It can be made of concrete, plywood, wood, stone, marble and any other material that is proper for your space and decor style.


Wallpaper can transform a simple room to a sophisticated one or inject fun vibes to a room, depending on the intention and design needs. It is a quick and fuss free way to create an instant effect without any downtime.

Wall Panel

Wall Panel is used for providing support to a structure and to enclose a particular area. Wall panels are used to decorate walls and are made of various materials that are framed together. They bring luxury and charm to the room.
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