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International Designs Provide Comfort for Those with Back Pain

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International Designs Provide Comfort for Those with Back Pain

The Perfect Curve

Recently, we had a Japanese customer who has newly relocated to Singapore. Slender built and approximately 1.75m tall, the gentleman told us he has tried a variety of chairs from other places but none was to his satisfaction.

Turns out, he has lower back pain which makes it difficult for him to find comfort from most chairs. He was elated when he finally found one from our store with a curvature that fitted his back and is cushioned with the right firmness.

Being a cautious person, he did not place an immediate order as the chairs are made-to-order and would take approximately three months (including shipping) to deliver the 8 pieces he wanted. Nonetheless, he returned to our store soon to place his order, nevermind the 3-month wait.

Days later, the customer returned; this time, to look for a sofa. Now that we understand his needs better, we are able to recommend something more suitable for him. Based on his previous choice of chair, we suggested a newly arrived clam shell inspired model. Our guest loved it at first try. Be it the design, colour, material, workmanship or comfort level, all these met his high level of expectations and he made his purchase there and then, without hesitation.

From Body To Soul

On a separate occasion, we were visited by an Australian lady who has had back surgery. As she suffers from occasional post-surgery pain, most chairs make her feel uncomfortable.

Similar to the Japanese gentleman’s case, this lady has made many futile attempts in her search for the right chair. We were as pleasantly surprised as her when she happily told us her search is finally over. Her choice is an upholstered dining chair in white, an uncommon colour for families with small children.

Our regal guest shared with us that she trusts her little girl is able to appreciate this beautiful work of art and will maintain its cleanliness.

What a lovely mum! She is right especially since modern high-quality fabrics can be easily cleaned with water, making them as easy to maintain as chairs of other colours.

On the day of delivery, the weather was beautiful and the chairs looked at home in their new place. Our host pointed to the coconut tree outside her third-floor apartment and exclaimed excitedly,

“Look, I have never seen this tree from this perspective. It is at just the right height where I can admire its most gorgeous side. I can’t think of a better colour (for the chairs) to accentuate its beauty!” Next to her, her adorable little girl was sitting in her own white chair, smiling like an angel.