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Making Waves With Stones – Lithea


As a family of artisans, Fratantoni Ceramiche creates stunning pieces of ceramics that reflect the beauty of the island in the ceramic-producing town of Santo Stefano di Camastra, Sicily.

“Stone, natural material that comes from the earth, irregular, imperfect, unique, fascinating and never the same. Stone is an everlasting and unforgettable material” When we hear marble and stone, images of smooth, flat surfaces are often conjured up. Unknown to many, there’s a company in Sicily, Italy, that actually takes theses valuable natural materials and turn them into art.
Founded in 2008, Lithea is the product of a family company that long has roots in stone production techniques. Combining their skills and knowledge to an innovative design concept, this leads to the birth of a visually powerful and stunning creation that is unique to Lithea.

Lithea promotes the culture of design. On one hand it promotes the collaboration of industrial design with industrial perspective and techniques and controlled numerical manufacturing of blocks of material. On the other hand, Lithea takes into account the patient work carried out by its artisans who uphold the ancient techniques of production and contribute to making each product
a unique piece.
The desire to introduce experimentation in the use of industrial products combined with the search for creativity gives life to designer objects of the highest aesthetic quality. Lithea reinvents
the face of the lithic material which has infinite and inadvertent varieties, fully classifying it as one of the contemporary materials.

A unique and once-in-a-life- time product
Lithea produces cladding, flooring, accessories and indoor and outdoor furnishing. The material of choice is natural stone.
From lava stone to pitchstone, from the Portoro black marble to the white Carrara stone, from the Comiso stone to the grey Tunisi stone: a collection of exquisite, refined samples from the thousand-year- old history moulded into textures of rare beauty that cover every surface, the preamble of decoration of each ambient.
The skillful use of ancient artisanal techniques, the sophisticated visual, conceptual system combined with amazing new technology became the starting point for the design of a product with a contemporary and typically Italian flavour. Characterised by symbolic patterns, modular surfaces are brought to life. Light is enhanced, and colour is brought to its maximum level of
purity. Archaic material and archetypes gain innovative and surprising shapes creating a unique and once-in-a-life time product.
The textured Lithea collections are the ideal choice for refined indoor and outdoor cladding. They can also be easily translated to a signature table or a unique wall art that is exclusive to you and you alone.