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Full Moon in Mid-Autumn

Full Moon in Mid-Autumn

Since ancient times, the sun and moon has never appeared in the same place at the same time. But in MASIERO’s world, one can admire the mysterious sun while gazing at the bright and flawless moon.

The sun has always been a powerful and mystical source, and one that the Horo series is inspired by. The design concept refers to the round shape of the sun and the traditional image of the sun god Ra, and extends on this basis. The lamps that bear the shape of the sun appear to have put on an old coat, exuding a strong sense of eternal beauty.

Influenced by the retro style, MASIERO’s Horo series is a luxurious and elegant collection of lights bearing the characteristics of glass plates and brushed copper.

The main diffuser of the Horo series is a sandwich-like structure. Two pieces of round prismatic glass are combined by a brass metal frame on the outside. An LED light strip is built into a brass metal frame, shining between two layers of glass.

In order to improve the lighting effect, the Horo series has an ingenious “second light source”. From the outside, it is a smaller column, interlaced vertically with the main body of the lamp, and is also surrounded by brushed brass.

The design concept of the Horo series is modern with a retro appeal. Although the body of the lamp is relatively thin, it can still give you a multi-dimensional aesthetic experience. With the edge of the round glass emitting a strong light effect, the vivid sphere creates an illuminating presence both figuratively and literally.


中秋佳节,赏月成了家人们的不二选择,月亮和太阳从古至今都不会在同一个时间出现。但是在Masiero的世界里,可以一边欣赏太阳 的古老神秘,一边遥望月亮的皎洁无瑕。