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Multi-Functional Revolving Chair

With its boxy and sculpted shape, the Greece-made Hakon chair stands out with its contemporary design. Impeccably crafted, the chair follows a unique geometric pattern that follows through all the way to its upholstered armrest. The Hakon chair is versatile and could prove to be a perfect addition to your living, dining and even study room. With its distinct enveloping shape and comfortable fabric, it provides comfort and support even after long hours of seating in front of the desk.

What’s more, the Hakon chair is equipped with a revolving technology so that the chair could swivel around to provide you a 360 view of your room while being seated.

Revolving Technology

At Homes65, a customer approached us for advice regarding which chair would best suit her dining room in her exquisite loft apartment. The dining room is adorned with roof-to-ceiling windows which invites in natural light, hence providing a brighter and softer look to the space. In line with this, we recommended Hakon in white which would blend in seamlessly with the polished marble flooring and existing wooden furniture to provide a clean and sleek look to the apartment.

Furthermore, with the Hakon chair’s revolving technology, the owner would be able to interact with guests on opposite ends of the dining table without having to turn her body.