Stone Flower




For those looking for a solution with a round top, the Stone Flower table comes in its particular and unique shape. The search for a round dining table design can be done for many reasons, from the need to adapt the refined style to a small space till the search for harmony in the ambience.

Round tables are valuable objects, they often have a unique and unmistakable style. The shape can be different from the classic four legs of the square and rectangular tables, and you can also design a unique form with a central support only.

In this case, the designer wanted to play with multiple factors. First of all, the high level of craftsmanship technique has allowed the creation of the shape that recalls the petal of a flower. Another very important factor is the possibility that Crystal Stone® has to play with the different colors in which the stone can be dyed. Here the contrast is between the natural silvery grey color, how the stone is naturally extracted, and the black onyx.

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