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Environmentalist, sentimentalist or realist? Whatever you are, it can be tough when time comes to decide whether to throw or keep a piece of furniture. In general, most people do not like to contribute to unnecessary wastage. And oftentimes, there could be sentimental values attached to certain furniture, for instance, something that has been in the family for a long time or a memento left behind by a loved one.

The dilemma could also be contributed by personal preferences or choices. For example, someone who can’t stand a small but permanent stain on a fabric sofa or a tear on a leather sofa even though said sofa is otherwise in pristine condition. Discarding it would be a waste but keeping it no longer sparks joy for you…

Here’s where refurbishing could save you some heartache and costs. Just like this old deck chair which could have ended up discarded or left unused, it has since been refurbished by our skilled craftsman and looks almost as good as new.

If you too, would like to give your preloved furniture a new lease on life, do drop us a line at enquiry@ homes65.com.sg with pictures and information on what you would like us to do for you.


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