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Rustic Is The New Romance

Mention rustic and images of the countryside and old barn houses are conjured up. If you imagine your house to be a warm and unpretentious place interweaved with history and the pastoral, then Rustic interior design should be right up your alley. Because of its association with repurposing, the Rustic look brings about a sense of purpose and an appreciation for life.

Warm and Earthy Colours

Warm colours in different hues of beige, tan, brown and red are the basis of a Rustic home. These colours will appear throughout in the walls, furnishings and fittings of the theme. For the modern home, mix things up with a few pastel shades so it doesn’t appear too overwhelming.


Wood is the undisputed choice of material for Rustic themed furniture. Nonetheless, other natural materials such as clay, glass, cotton, wool, metal, bamboo and even paper can be incorporated to enhance the look. If you prefer a cleaner or updated version of the Rustic look, choose natural wood furniture that show distinctive features of wood such as tree rings and limbs. Alternatively, earth tone furniture such as a natural brown sofa can also blend nicely into the settings.

Repurposed Objects

An authentic Rustic look requires a good amount of DIY projects to uphold the origins of this theme. Considering the uniqueness of the subject in question, you can be hard-pressed trying to find home necessities resembling remodeled objects. Fortunately, not all tasks are mission impossible. Start with easier projects such as turning wire baskets into lamp shades, wooden ladders into book cases, or wooden chests into coffee tables.

Distressed Wood and Metals

To truly embrace the look, go for wood and metal furnishings that look weather-beaten and are a little rough around the edges, figuratively speaking. If you are not too keen on using secondhand furniture, there is also the option of distressing brand new furniture. With this in mind, it is best to consult your dealer on the suitability for distressing the furniture you have in mind. In fact, some may even be able to create the effect for you!