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Sentosa Cove


When you have a large house to furnish and you need to do so in a hurry, having ready stocks help.

This is one happy customer who managed to find all the finely crafted furniture he was looking for at Homes65. And the best part was, he didn’t have to wait long for the goods as we have a wide inventory of ready stocks. It’s great to see how the indoor and outdoor furniture blend so seamlessly with the surroundings of this luxury apartment in Sentosa Cove to create a warm and functional home!

To create effective space planning in a large living area, the owner chose colours that can help demarcate the area into several zones. In this case, brown hues which act as the base colour is complemented by grey tones in the furniture and carpet, effectively carving out three separate areas within the same space – the lounge, the bar counter and the dining area.