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Stylish & Sexy Industrial Home Design Which You Must Know

While other interior design styles have been around for decades, the Industrial look is fairly new, considering it has been adapted for home interior only in the last 10 years or so. This daring style caused quite a stir when it first gained popularity and has since become one of the most popular interior looks in the east and west. What’s surprising about its appeal is the raw, unfinished appearance that stands in stark contrast to other styles that seem more homely and complete. But on the contrary, perhaps it’s this very fact that makes one feel completely at ease and at home.


Forget loud colours. Grey is the star here and you can work with different shades of grey to fill your space. Warm, neutral tones can be used alongside white to add dimension to your rooms.

Wall Structure

Exposed bricks, unfinished wood, stainless steel, steel beams or columns and exposed concrete work well for this style. Adding hanging wall art will create a better effect.


Pendant lighting and free standing floor lamps in a metal finish are perfect for the look.

Decor and Furniture

If you prefer a posh or slightly retro look, leather furniture is your choice. If you are going for modern industrial, fabric furniture and large scatter cushions are fantastic options.